Magic Carafe Crystal Wine Aerator Decanter Bottle
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Magic Carafe Crystal Wine Aerator Decanter Bottle

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Product Details:

🍷 Decanter Material: Crystal Glass

🍷 Precise Design For The Smoothest Pour

🍷 Improves The Taste Of Your Favorite Wine

🍷 Perfect, Elegant Centerpiece

🍷 Holds Up To 1,200ml Of Red or White Wine

Pour Your Wine With Elegance   

The PERFECT Decanter For You Wine Enthusiasts

🍷 Wine decanting has been around since 5,000 BC. If you're not already hooked, join the legacy of "wine decanting."

🍷 The rich aroma is released in the process of wine aeration which gives you that rich and pure taste of your wine.

The MOST Soothing Pour

Improve The Quality & Taste of Your Wine

🍷 We provide maximum aeration to bring out wine’s sweet aroma and refreshing flavor.

🍷 Our classy Swan Decanter™ won't only IMPRESS that special someone, but will forever separate you from the competition.

 Don't Forget Your Beads!

Clean Your Decanter With Ease!

🍷 1. Pour in cleaning solution.

🍷 2. Dump in cleaning beads.

🍷 3. Shake thoroughly for 15-20 seconds.

🍷 4. Pour out cleaning solution and beads.

🍷 5. Your Swan Decanter™ is now clean!

Cut To Perfection

🍷 Our handmade decanter is one of the most elegant decanters out there. 

🍷 Enjoy our spill-proof design that people cannot stop sharing about.

🍷 Never worry about an accidental spill AGAIN

Impress Your Date With Your New Handcrafted Swan Decanter™

🍷 He or she has never seen something like your NEW Handcrafted Swan Decanter™

🍷 With precise design & style be able to live high class and enjoy that refreshing taste of your favorite wine!

🍷 Our Swan decanter™ can be used with BOTH red & white wines.

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